Yggdrasil: Journey Throughout The Nine Worlds

by Darkened Winter

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Released & recorded 2013.


released June 4, 2013



all rights reserved


Darkened Winter Adelaide, Australia

Official site of Darkened Winter & Northwind.

Darkened Winter is a Black Metal / Ambient project that was started in 2007.

Northwind was started later in 2010, which mainly comprises of ambient / atmospheric / folk music.

Both bands are the works of Matt Ford (aka Winterdemon)
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Track Name: Asgaard
The roots of life lie embodied
Underneath the spring of urd

Here..fate has its source
Guarded by the three norns

Urd, Verdandi, Skuld
With only one eye
Between them

Home of the aesir gods
Rulers of the realm
Enter through the single gate
Across the bridge of bi-frost

Thick walls surround this place
To protect against the burning flame

Valhalla lies in the planes of vigrid
Celebration halls of fallen warriors

Only the strong will make it through here
Training in battle for the final days

The bridge lays guarded
Built from earthly elements
Fire to burns thee weak
A valkyries journey through the sky's
With there help to cross to asgard
And to pass through heimdalls towers
Track Name: Vanirheim
Home of thee elders
Cast out by the aesir
For worship of the ancient gods
Masters of sorcery and prophecies

Years of war descended

Captured aeons on both sides

Peace reigned upon the kingdoms
Darkness turning to a bitter light
Gods returned to their worlds
Still deceit remand

was slain by the vanir
Who sent the head back to the enemy
Fears this action would return
The darkness of war
Gods stood down to join these worlds as one
Track Name: Alfheim
A land of light
Residing at the highest point

Guardians to freyr
And god of the sun

With knowledge of nature
They decide mans fate
Track Name: Midgaard
Enter the plain of our existence
A gift from the gods
Fortresses are built
To protect us from jotun

This is the dwelling place for humanity

An ocean engulfs this world
Home to the world serpent jormungand
Spawn of the trickster loki
Under the ocean floor he awaits

Biting his tail
Trapping man within its coils
The final battle is nearing
For the serpent of midgaard will fall
Track Name: Nidavelir
Enter the dark fields
A place of un-light
Beneath the earth

Masters of the arts
Servants to the gods
These creatures forge the pieces
For the use of the higher realms

Ruled by the king

Track Name: Jotunheim
Home of the jotuns
Sworn enemy's of the Aesir
A hatred between gods
As odin slay the first giant

His body creating our worlds

A world covered in the forests of time
Separated by un-freezing rivers
Lying in the snow covered regions
Over the oceans
The well of wisdom lies

Beneath the roots of Yggdrasil
The castle of Utgard can be seen
A stronghold of giants
were there is no end
Carved from the snow and ice
The jotun king awaits
Track Name: Svartalfheim
In the murky underground
they dwell
Hideous abominations of worlds
Mischief follows these creatures

Bringing nightmare visions

In their midst

The haunters
Of the dream world
By the darkness

No longer
could they see the rising sun

For a death in stone
awaits the demons
Track Name: Helheim
Filled with the spirits of cowards
Ruled by the monstrous vixen Hel
A world of bitter cold & dark
The exiled live for an eternity of suffering
Surrounded by the river of Gjoll
Not even the gods can leave this place
Up the blackened path to hel
Lay the gates to a freezing realm
Guarded by a deathly hound

On the edge of the world sits Hraesvelg
Overlooking the darkness and ice
In the shape of an eagle he waits
With his wings, he makes the wind blow cold

In the midst of dark, light
In the midst of death, life
In the midst of chaos, order
In the midst of order, chaos

In the midst of life, death
In the midst of light, dark

Thus has it ever been
Thus it is now
And thus shall it ever be
Track Name: Niflheim
In the dark cold mist
The first creation lies
Ancient wells protected by the dragon Nidhug
Cold rivers run, flowing throughout the worlds

These icy waves existed in nifleheim
At the beginning the origin of all living
A place where all living things shall return
Yggdrassil grew to the sky
Placing its roots in the guarded wells

This is the home of the un worthy
Of valhalla
Suffering for all eternity
In the bitter cold
Descending to the lowest point
Beneath the roots of our world